Accessorizing Your Child's American Girl Doll: Three Fun Projects To Share Together

Your child's American Girl doll can be a source of comfort and inspiration, but it can also provide lots of fun opportunities for you to create new accessories together. Here are a few creative craft projects you can take on as a family:

Matching Outfits

Your child may already have a set of matching outfits to wear with the doll, but you can create an entire wardrobe of looks with the help of your trusty sewing machine. Head to your local fabric store to find patterns that fit the doll, or use the clothing your child already has to take measurements and cut your own patterns. As you shop for fabrics, look for smaller prints that can work on both the doll's clothing and the pieces you make for your child. Consider different themes for each matching outfit, such as holiday dresses, Halloween costumes, or pajamas for a slumber party.

Doll Furniture

Creating doll furniture can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. If you are handy with a measuring tape and saw, create your own designs for your child's doll. Once the pieces are cut, your child can use wood glue to assemble them and paint to decorate them. If you prefer not to build your own, visit your local craft store for plain wooden pieces you can customize. With paint, ribbon, and other notions, you can both decorate these pieces for use with the doll. You can also create upholstered furniture without the need for a wood frame. Use fabric and polyester fill to sew cushions and a foundation for sofas or beds, and use fabric and ribbon to create custom hammocks for the doll to sleep in. Another option is to buy old doll furniture at flea markets or yard sales and refurbish the pieces for the doll.

Coordinating Accessories

If your child loves to play dress up, consider creating customized jewelry and accessories for both your little one and the doll. You can purchase jewelry making kits for this purpose, or you can stock up on beads and jewelry hardware you can use to make your own creations. Invest in a fishing tackle box to sort out the beads, string, jumper rings, and other small pieces, and have fun making beautiful jewelry designs with your child. For the doll, create necklaces and bracelets, and make matching sets complete with earrings or a headband for your little one.

With the right designs and crafting materials, you and your child can spend countless hours together. Contact a company like Doll Her Up for more information and assistance. 

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