Use These Floor Graphics At Your Cafeteria

Vinyl floor graphics can be a useful addition to the floors of many different businesses, including various types of eateries. If you operate a cafeteria at a college, a hospital, or in some other location, you may wish to consider ordering some custom graphics that you can affix to your floor in several key areas. Speak to a custom graphics manufacturer to discuss your needs, as this individual may have some suggestions that you'll find helpful. Here are some options that you can consider for displaying around your cafeteria.

Identification Of Food Types

Many large cafeterias offer a wide range of food types. For example, while there might be a kiosk that sells traditional fast food, there may also be areas where patrons can buy Asian food, Italian food, vegetarian options, and more. When an individual stands at the entrance of your cafeteria, you want them to be able to quickly and easily identify what direction to walk to find what they want to eat. One way to achieve this goal is with floor graphics that provide information about the types of food that you have available — and that also point people in the right direction. For example, you might have a graphic that reads "Vegetarian Options" with an image of a few vegetables, and an arrow pointing to the left.

Monthly Specials

While it's common for cafeterias to largely keep the same menu for months or even years at a time, there will often also be monthly specials that people will enjoy. One of the best ways that you can make your patrons aware of these specials is through floor graphics in several key areas. For example, as an individual approaches the area where they can buy Italian food, there could be a graphic that features the name and an image of that month's special dish — perhaps chicken Parmesan on a bun.

Food Statistics

Providing some information about the food that your cafeteria sells can be interesting and educational to those who visit you. If you can easily compile some statistics, think about turning some of this information into graphics. For example, you might have a graphic that reveals how many pounds of pasta your cafeteria sells per month or another graphic that reveals how many slices of pizza your patrons order every week. Such details can be enjoyable for people to look at while they're waiting in line, and the presence of these graphics can add a fun way to improve the look of your floor.

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