3 Great Reasons To Invest In Monogrammed Note Cards

If you love stationery and enjoy giving cards or gifts to others, you might enjoy monogrammed note cards. Available in an incredible variety of shapes, colors, fonts, and decoration themes, monogrammed note cards are the perfect way to put your personal spin on sending a few words to a friend or colleague. Here are three awesome reasons to invest in monogrammed note cards.  

1. Create An Old-World Sense of Good Will 

These days, most people communicate electronically. While efficient, electronic communication is typically devoid of feeling and interest and can feel very mundane. However, when you have monogrammed note cards on hand, any interaction can feel custom and special. 

Monogrammed note cards work perfectly when gifting a loaf of bread or a plate of cookies to a neighbor, and they seem even more touching when reaching out to a friend or loved one who has recently lost someone special. Monogrammed note cards can be emblazoned with your initials, your full name, or even your personal mantra, giving whatever you decide to say an old-world touch everyone is sure to enjoy. 

2. Look Professional

Nothing screams "novice" like a sticky note with a few things scratched onto the surface. If you want to look really professional at the office, have some monogrammed note cards made and use those to send your paper memos. Whether you want to say thanks to your boss for the recent raise you acquired or reach out to a coworker who has had a rough day, custom notes make your efforts seem professional and genuine. 

3. Write Less While Saying Everything

When mobility becomes an issue and writing becomes more difficult, having personalized note cards is incredibly handy. Some people choose to send blank note cards with their initials and name with gifts, making it possible to avoid writing anything at all, while still sending the message that you are the reason behind the gesture. Monogrammed note cards are also a great way to reach out to dear family members and friends while still having your personal spin on the paper. For instance, you could write a short note to your grandson on the personalized note card and put it in a matching envelope so he knows who the card is from right when he opens the mailbox. 

When you start shopping for monogrammed notecards, pay special attention to the quality of the printing and the paper. Read client reviews from other people who have purchased the note cards before, and see if they have included any examples of how their personalized cards came out. By doing your research, you may be able to find note cards that will help you to achieve your goals. 

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