Reusable Wall Decals And Graphics: 5 Great Reasons To Put Them In Someone's Stocking

Reusable wall graphics or decals have become a huge hit all across the country -- and for good reason!  Known as wall stickers, reusable wall art, peelable decals, and wall tattoos, wall graphics are a cool way to make a room look like it was professionally designed -- without having to spend a lot of money. It can also just make a room fun, add whimsy, be used as holiday decor, or be changed seasonally.

Here are some great reasons to add wall graphics to your shopping list this holiday season:

1. You have a teenager.

Frankly, you don't have to limit this to teens, although they are often the age group that comes to mind when people think of "mercurial" and "fickle" about their choices. A lot of teens are still trying on new identities and styles -- but rather than paint the walls black to suit a newly Gothic teen, a My Chemical Romance poster and a large black and white sugar skull decal can add the right touch to his or her bedroom.

2. You have a college student.

College students are generally barred from putting holes anywhere in the walls of their dorm rooms. This has forced students for decades to get creative, usually with batik sheets dyed in technicolor patterns. A wall decal of Einstein or comic stick figures can brighten up a dorm room and keep you from getting charged for the vandalism of a thumbtack in the wall.

3. You're not sure how long you're staying in your own place.

If you're fairly young and unattached, you may also be willing to relocate in order to pursue your career -- or a better one. That means that you really don't want to acquire a lot of "stuff," like artwork and knickknacks. Those are the sort of things that have to either be sold or moved when you go. At the same time, it can get depressing coming home to bare walls and an empty place. A couple of large wall graphics can add instant interest to a minimalist's decor.

4. You have a special event.

Reusable wall graphics are perfect if you're the office party coordinator or you're a teacher who always does a monthly "birthday" for all the kids in your class. It's also great if you want to use temporary decals to teach abstract lessons about shapes, numbers, geography, or art to your students but you don't want the decor up all-year-round. It can also make festive surroundings for holidays -- and they're easily storable for the following year.

5. You want instant glam with minimal effort.

Wouldn't it look great if each of the risers on your steps had an inspirational word on them, like "Hope," "Dream," "Love," or something like that? Wouldn't it be great if you could get the look of hand-painted work without the back-breaking effort of actually hand-painting them? With wall decals, you can -- and they won't fade of scuff away with time. 

If you've never given wall decals much thought for decor ideas, now is a great time to experiment -- pick a few small ones up for yourself or give them as gifts. They just might inspire a whole new look in your life!

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