Gifts To Give Your Crafty Friends This Christmas

With Christmas coming up soon, it's time to get started thinking about what sort of gifts you are going to get friends and family. If you are someone who likes to get gifts that are somewhat personalized and will be appreciated by someone who has a very niche interest, then you undoubtedly spend a great deal of time thinking about what to get. Well, if you happen to know someone who is very crafty and likes to make things by hand, then this list is going to really help you out. It presents three great suggestions that crafty types will love. Here's a breakdown of the different options you can get:

A Candle Making Kit

If your friend loves candles, and they are always buying fancy scented candles from stores and little craft shops, then it might be a really fun idea to get them a candle making kit. This will be a fantastic opportunity for them to learn how to make their own. These candle kits will come with the melting container, the wax (or soy, or paraffin), as well as wicks and other accessories such as fragrances to add that, will throw off a nice scent. You should also get them a book to go along with this because it will help them learn about the intricacies of candle making such as what materials burn faster, how a scent is added, and how to mold different forms.

Melt and Pour Soap Kits

Making soap can be a bit dangerous because it involves using lye, which is a very caustic material and can burn, but if you get a melt and pour kit, you avoid all of that. The melt and pour kits don't have any of the dangerous chemicals (lye--sodium hydroxide) because the soap is already made. What you are doing is giving them glycerin bars or shavings that will be melted and then they can add scents and colors and pour it into molds. The kits are super fun. If the kit doesn't come with enough molds, you can always get an extra mold and include it. These can come in designs such as fish, seashells, or flowers.

Lace Embroidery Designs

For people who are really into sewing and knitting, a really cool gift would be one that allows them to experiment with lace. When you work with lace, you need an embroidery design. Lace is an open weave design, and it's made using patterns and designs. You can get beautiful machine embroidery lace designs in any number of variations. There are some that will create amazing table runners, as well as tiny ones for doilies.

Contact a company that makes lace machine embroidery designs for more information and assistance. 

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Gifts To Give Your Crafty Friends This Christmas
29 November 2017
With Christmas coming up soon, it's time to get started thinking about what sort of gifts you are going to get friends and family. If you are someone