Paint A Beach Scene Across A Wall In Your Daughter's Bedroom

If your teenaged daughter wants to decorate her bedroom with a beach theme and you have already purchased her linens and a floor mat that have an ocean and sandy beach picture printed on them, adding a painted beach picture across one of her bedroom walls will complement the other items. Use the steps below to create an alluring scene that your daughter will enjoy.


  • mild cleaning agent
  • sponge
  • template
  • printer paper
  • printer
  • card stock
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • double-sided tape
  • temporary marker
  • craft paint
  • paintbrushes
  • small bucket of water
  • paint tray
  • can of acrylic sealer
  • paint roller
  • frame
  • paint roller handle

Clean The Wall And Create A Stencil

Choose one wall in your daughter's bedroom that you would like to add a painted beach picture to. Spray a mild cleaning agent across one side of a sponge Use the sponge to wipe off dirty smudges or stains that are on the wall. Look for a beach picture online that you think you can recreate on the wall.

Print a copy of the beach picture so that you can look at it when you are making a stencil. Lay a large piece of card stock across a table and place the beach picture next to it. Use a pencil to draw the beach picture on the card stock. Once satisfied with the picture, use scissors to cut out the stencil. 

Trace The Stencil And Paint The Design

Secure pieces of double-sided tape across the back of the cutout. Use a ruler to help you align the card stock stencil across the wall. Press the card stock against the wall and use a temporary marker to trace the picture's outline. Remove the stencil from the wall and place it on the floor or a table so that you can glance down at it to see what color of paint needs to be added to various parts of the design. Use a soft-bristled paintbrush to paint the picture.

Rinse the brush with water when you would like to add a different color of paint. Wait for each color of paint to dry before switching to a different color so that paint colors do not run together. After painting the picture, pour some acrylic sealer into a paint tray. Use a paint roller to cover the beach picture with one or two coats of sealer. Sealer will add a glossy appearance to the painted beach theme. Contact a company, like Koontz Hardware, for more help.

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